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5 Tips For Quality Mercedes-Benz Oil Change Service

Time for an Oil Change? Here’s What to Know

Need a Mercedes-Benz oil change? You’re at the right place, as we’re here with certified experts to help get your prestigious German cruiser back on the road in peak shape. But are there little tips you should know about your auto service? Stick with us today, and we’ll cover virtually everything you’ll need to know about oil changes. Also, schedule an oil change for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle today at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near Elk Grove, CA.

1. How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

You’ll want to stay on top of your oil repairs—after all, if you skip your service too often, you risk damaging your motor since nothing is in place to help lubricate the finer parts of your powertrain, resulting in otherwise unneeded trips to the service center.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to schedule a Mercedes-Benz oil change every 10,000 miles, as this range helps supply your engine with the optimal fluids for proper cooling while assisting in preventing excess friction.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Oil Levels

Even between your oil changes, you’ll want to keep an eye on your car’s oil levels. In some models, you’ll use the classic dipstick method (pop the hood, wipe the dipstick, re-insert, pull out, and check) while newer models let you know with your instrument cluster. If your oil levels are low, you’ll need to top off your fluid levels to help your ride remain smooth—and if your levels drop often, your vehicle could be experiencing issues that require urgent attention at our service center.

3. Pick Synthetic Oil

When it’s time for an oil change, you get two options: synthetic and conventional. However, all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, from the A-Class to the GLS-Class and everything in between, require a synthetic blend. Unlike conventional blends, this fluid helps your engine better resist oxidation while also providing more cooling for your motor, which helps you cruise at an exhilarating pace more often with fewer worries of overheating on the road.

4. Oil Change Is Part of Mercedes-Benz A & B Service

When you schedule Mercedes-Benz A and Mercedes-Benz B Service, our certified and factory-trained technicians handle the oil change for you (on top of other key maintenance like tire inflations and brake checks). Also, our experts know the exact viscosity grade and style of oil your ride needs, helping you save valuable time.

5. Choose a Reliable Service Center in Sacramento, CA

Our biggest tip for Mercedes-Benz oil change service involves scheduling your maintenance at a credible dealership service center—and we have virtually all you need from factory-trained professionals to team members with expertise who always prioritize your needs. So, schedule your oil change and Mercedes-Benz car repair service at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near Rocklin, CA. While you’re here, you’re our VIP, so let us know how we can assist, from letting you know our recommendations on services to answering your questions—and that’s not even the beginning of how we step up for you.


5 Tips for Oil Change Service - Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento

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