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What Is Mercedes MANUFAKTUR?

Customize Your New Mercedes-Benz Vehicle

Your favorite luxury automaker is always striving to provide better vehicles with more customization. That’s why the new Mercedes MANUFAKTUR program stands out. What is this MANUFAKTUR customization program and how does it benefit you? At Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we want to help you get the vehicle you deserve. Visit us to learn more in Sacramento, California.

What MANUFAKTUR Options are Available?

The possibilities are endless in the Mercedes MANUFAKTUR program. Plus, the luxury automaker continues to add more on a regular basis. Starting with the unique paint color options, you can select your favorite color in an array of finishes. If you want a Gold or Platinum metallic finish, it’s easy to find. However, you can also choose high-gloss or matte finishes in the most popular colors, such as China Blue or Graphite Grey. We recommend checking out the sophisticated Olive Metallic hue to turn heads.

The Mercedes Designo MANUFAKTUR program goes even further inside the vehicle. Not only are there two-tone designs available, but everything is exceptionally elegant. Customize the leather upholstery among the front seats by adding Deep White/Black Nappa or upgrade to Nut Brown/Black styling instead. Additionally, you can find a variety of MANUFAKTUR features, such as a two-tone steering wheel or special LCD technology that illuminates the entry area of the front and rear doors. There’s no limit to the ways you can custom-create your new Mercedes.

What Mercedes-Benz Models Can Be Customized?

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class lineup has been a part of the Mercedes MANUFAKTUR customization for some time now. Numerous customers have enjoyed the Mercedes G500 MANUFAKTUR SUV in their garages, and you can too. Now it’s even easier to create the Mercedes car or SUV that fits your lifestyle with these new options. The label now extends to additional vehicles, from the Mercedes-Benz S Class to the CLS. You can even adjust the look and seating comfort to the new Mercedes AMG® GT 4-Door Coupe or the Maybach.

In the future, we expect to see this high-class customization available for even more Mercedes models. There are already plans to add the options to the EQ lineup, ensuring you gain the zero-emission performance you crave with the style you love. Whatever Mercedes you have your eye on, we can help you make it your own.

Create the Mercedes-Benz You Love

At Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we have the luxury lineup you are searching for in California. From the latest sports car to a family-friendly SUV, we can supply it all. Plus, you can now customize your vehicle any way you want with Mercedes MANUFAKTUR. Let us help you choose the powertrain you need, especially if you want all-wheel drive. Once the equipment is in place, it’s time to choose the comfort level and visual appearance. Tell us your dreams and let us make it come true. Schedule a visit today in Sacramento, California.


What Is Mercedes MANUFAKTUR? - Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento

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