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An Easy Guide To Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance

Welcome to Your Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Overview

Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento knows that quality roadside service is nothing short of responsive, friendly, and efficient. Check off all of these roadside service criteria with Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance.

You might be wondering if Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance is free.

Vehicles with a Mercedes-Benz warranty qualify for 24/7 complimentary Roadside Assistance perks like towing, fuel delivery, jump starts, and more.

Learn how to take advantage of everything that Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance has to offer with our information below.

Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Coverage

Have you had an accident? Contact a Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance representative to remedy your accident with professional support that comes in the form of expedited on-site towing, effective repair solutions, and directions on how to continue your journey. Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance will take it from here.

Mechanical issues and accidents don’t have to put a permanent halt to your travels. You can expect Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance to reimburse you up to $300 a night to cover travel expenses if your car breaks down over 100 miles from your home, your vehicle can’t be driven, you’re under warranty, and your model needs overnight repair work.

Introduce yourself to a better form of towing with Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance’s ability to tow your vehicle to Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, the closest out of town Mercedes-Benz dealership, or the nearest Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision Center when your car incurs damage—free of charge.

From Towing to On-Site Support

Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento’s Service Center has your back when your vehicle requires services beyond Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance’s complimentary offerings. Our dealership’s Service Center features qualified technicians capable of evaluating your car, making an accurate diagnosis, and implementing successful solutions.

Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento’s certified technicians are trained to know your car inside out, so you don’t have to settle for anything other than exceptional service.

Take a moment to view Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento’s Service Specials online before you use our site’s service scheduler tool to set your next appointment.

Explore the Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Mobile App

Discover a simpler way to get the professional Mercedes-Benz service you need on-demand with the complimentary Roadside Assistance Mobile App. Access the Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Mobile App on your phone to quickly connect with a customer support agent and communicate any problems that you’re experiencing. Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance streamlines your app experience with GPS tracking that shares your location along with a tracker that allows you to view how close you are to receiving assistance.

Starting with the Roadside Assistance Mobile App is easy. Visit Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento’s Roadside Assistance page and follow the button links toward the bottom to download the application to your Android or iPhone®.

Do you have any remaining questions on how Mercedes-Benz Service 24h Roadside Assistance can benefit your automotive lifestyle? Contact our dealership anytime to get in touch about what Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance can do for you.


An Easy Guide To Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance - Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento

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