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EQS Charging Ecosystem: Expand Your EV Possibilities

Mercedes Me Charge: A Dynamic, Smart Charging Solution

If you’re considering a battery electric vehicle as your next purchase, the ownership process promises to be exciting and more convenient, courtesy of the EQS Charging Ecosystem.

The charging infrastructure, named ‘Mercedes me Charge,’ will provide access to several thousand EV charging infrastructures and public charging ports across the US, where Mercedes-Benz EQS owners and future electric vehicle-platform EVs or plug-in hybrids drivers can access charging ports affiliated with charging providers like ChargePoint.

The system can also offer access to other major charging networks like Electrify America, including semi-public chargers in access-controlled environments like workplaces, hotels, and shopping malls.

Should you need more information about the charging ecosystem for Mercedes-Benz EQS, please visit us at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, Sacramento, CA.

Seamless Plug & Charge Technologies

Thanks to Mercedes’ strategic partnership with ChargePoint, the EQS charging ecosystem will support the Plug & Charge functionality, allowing Mercedes me Charge customers to simply plug in at a public station to start charging without needing to tap a touchscreen or swipe a card. Instead of providing on-the-spot payment, each transaction will be listed on a driver’s monthly invoice.

A Cut Above the Rest

With the EV shift picking up speed, Mercedes-Benz also plans to provide green charging at all of the available public charging ports by encouraging the use of electricity from renewable resources. To achieve this, the auto giant aims to feed an equivalent amount of electricity from renewable resources into the grid to offset all the electricity used in charging its electric cars.

In addition to its proposed green charging feature, the brand also plans to ensure owners can conveniently refill their battery pack at home by collaborating with equipment providers and installers to help provide car buyers with the option to link their home charging package to their leasing or auto financing package. With these collaborations, the Mercedes me Charge is shaping up to become the largest integrated charging network in the United States, providing stiff competition to Tesla’s supercharging network, which is designed to serve Tesla models.

The smart charging technology integrates seamlessly with the MBUX infotainment system and the Mercedes Me app to enable owners to find nearby charging stations, plan their trip, or even initiate payment for all charging sessions on ChargePoint’s public network.

Owners will need to create a Mercedes me Charge account and activate the service to access the innovative charging service in real-time.

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Please visit us at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, Sacramento, CA, for more information about the EQS charging ecosystem or the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS.


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