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Elevating Commutes: The Top Mercedes-Benz SUVs in Sacramento

From the bustling streets of Midtown to the scenic riverside trails, Sacramento offers a diverse range of terrains and lifestyles. And nothing complements the Californian capital's charm better than a ride that combines elegance with performance — the iconic Mercedes-Benz SUVs. At Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we understand your desire for an extraordinary driving experience.

Sacramento's distinctive boulevards and historic neighborhoods deserve nothing but the best. And what better way to explore them than in an SUV built by a brand that represents luxury and innovation? Whether it's a weekend getaway to the Sierra Nevada or a daily drive to the Golden 1 Center, the Mercedes-Benz SUV lineup ensures you make a statement wherever you go.

Top Mercedes-Benz SUVs Tailored for Sacramento's Streets

  1. Mercedes-Benz GLA: Compact yet commanding, the GLA is perfect for navigating the sometimes narrow and bustling lanes of downtown Sacramento. The responsive handling paired with cutting-edge technology ensures you drive with confidence.
  2. Mercedes-Benz GLC: A blend of elegance and adaptability, the GLC is a dream for those longer journeys to Lake Tahoe or Napa Valley. Its spacious interiors and state-of-the-art safety features mean every ride becomes a cherished memory.
  3. Mercedes-Benz GLE: Command the road with the GLE's robust stature and unparalleled luxury. Ideal for families, its spaciousness, and advanced entertainment systems transform every commute into a joyride.
  4. Mercedes-Benz GLS: Representing the pinnacle of SUV luxury, the GLS turns heads whether you're in East Sac or Elk Grove. With a V8 engine option and ultra-luxury seating, it's not just a ride; it's an experience.

Each Mercedes-Benz SUV boasts a design that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional, ensuring that while you're turning heads in Sacramento's hippest neighborhoods, you're also equipped with the very best in automotive technology and safety.

Sacramento isn't just about the iconic Tower Bridge or the historic Old Sacramento. It's about the spirit of the people and the unique Californian vibe that pulses through the city. Driving a Mercedes-Benz SUV from Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento lets you capture that spirit, allowing you to be part of the city's tapestry while standing out in your own, distinguished way.

Experience It Firsthand at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento

While words can paint a picture, there's nothing like the real experience. And the best way to truly understand the allure of a Mercedes-Benz SUV is to sit behind the wheel.

Imagine cruising down Capitol Mall, the gleaming dome of the Capitol building ahead, and the soft purr of your Mercedes-Benz engine beneath you. Feel the responsive handling as you navigate the curves of the American River Parkway, and relish the envious glances as you pull up to a trendy spot in The Handle District.

But why just imagine when you can experience it firsthand? We invite you to Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento to embark on a journey of luxury. Our team is eager to guide you through the various features, specifications, and bespoke options that can make your Mercedes-Benz SUV truly yours.

Elevate Your Sacramento Journeys

As the sun sets over the Tower Bridge and the city lights of Sacramento start to shimmer, you deserve to be behind the wheel of a vehicle that matches the city's grandeur. With a Mercedes-Benz SUV, you don’t just travel; you make a statement. You don't just drive; you celebrate every mile.

Sacramento has a rhythm, a pulse, a heartbeat. Match its pace, exceed its expectations, and drive a vehicle designed for those who demand nothing but the best. After all, in a city as vibrant as Sacramento, why settle for ordinary when extraordinary awaits?

Sacramento is a city of history, charm, and future promise. Elevate your commutes and journeys in this beautiful city with the pinnacle of automotive luxury — a Mercedes-Benz SUV. And there's no better place to start that journey than at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento. Whether you're a local looking to upgrade your drives or a visitor wanting to experience the city in style, our doors are always open. Dive into a world of luxury, performance, and unmatched style. Your Mercedes-Benz journey awaits.

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Unveiling the Chronicles of Mercedes-Benz: The Enigmatic Evolution at Sacramento’s Unrivalled Haven

The Enigmatic Origins: A Masterpiece of Automotive Prowess

Welcome, esteemed connoisseurs of luxury, to the enigmatic realm of Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento. Behold, for we are about to embark on an extraordinary expedition into the depths of history, where legends are born and brilliance takes form. Brace yourselves as we unfurl the captivating narrative of Mercedes-Benz, an automotive pioneer that has shaped the very fabric of the industry worldwide, leaving an indelible imprint on our beloved Sacramento.
The Dawn of Innovation:

Crafting Extravagance: Mercedes-Benz's Timeless Testament

In the dimly lit corridors of time, Mercedes-Benz emerged as a harbinger of unparalleled engineering and audacious design. As the world watched in awe, legendary models like the resplendent Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing and the opulent Mercedes-Benz 600 burst onto the scene, defying conventions and redefining automotive excellence. These majestic creations etched their place in history, forever illuminating the path to automotive magnificence.
Mercedes-Benz's Enigmatic Affair with Sacramento:

Reverberations of Grandeur: Mercedes-Benz's Local Resonance

Sacramento, a city teeming with fervent automotive aficionados, bears witness to the illustrious presence of Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento. Like an ethereal muse captivating hearts, the brand's allure has permeated the local landscape, enchanting those who yearn for refined opulence. Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento stands tall, an ambassador of automotive sophistication, seamlessly intertwining the mystique of the brand with the vibrant pulse of Sacramento's passionate residents.
A Symphony of Sustainability and Electrifying Innovation:

Forging Destiny: Mercedes-Benz and the Eclectic Confluence

In this era of profound awakening, Mercedes-Benz embraces the essence of sustainability with unyielding fervor. Transcending the boundaries of convention, the Mercedes-Benz EQ line of electric vehicles emerges as a symbol of enlightened progress. Sacramento, a city renowned for its unwavering commitment to a greener future, wholeheartedly embraces these groundbreaking innovations, as Mercedes-Benz takes its place at the forefront of the electrifying revolution.
Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento: Igniting the Flames of Destiny:

Unlocking the Gates: Embrace the Magic at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento

Enigmatic souls seeking an automotive odyssey, rejoice! For at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, the gateway to an extraordinary realm of Mercedes-Benz innovation awaits. Our illustrious savants, well-versed in the enigmatic language of luxury, stand ready to guide you on a voyage of discovery. Step into our hallowed sanctuary, where cutting-edge technology, impeccable craftsmanship, and artistry converge to create an experience that transcends mortal realms.

Unraveling the Enigma: Witness Mercedes-Benz's Symphony of Evolution in Sacramento

Sacramento, a realm pulsating with an ardent automotive fervor, bears witness to the enigmatic tapestry of Mercedes-Benz's evolution. From its mythical origins to its present-day manifestation as an emblem of unparalleled magnificence, the brand has woven an intricate narrative that leaves all in awe. Join us at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento as we unravel this enigma, immersing ourselves in the saga of luxury, performance, and timeless elegance. Let us seize this extraordinary opportunity to bask in the ethereal brilliance that is Mercedes-Benz, for its secrets are waiting to be unveiled. Experience it for yourself by visiting our hours and directions page.

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How Often Do Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Need To Be Serviced?

Take Care of Your Mercedes-Benz

After you’ve purchased your Mercedes-Benz, it’s important to bring it to the service center for a routine Mercedes-Benz vehicles service check. Your first check should be once your vehicle reaches 10,000 miles or one year of age.

You can learn more about your Mercedes-Benz check up and maintenance schedule by reading your owner’s manual and chatting with our experienced service advisors.

Mercedes-Benz Check Up & Maintenance Schedules

Your Mercedes-Benz needs routine maintenance and essential services to keep it running at its peak. After your first 10,000-mile visit, your vehicle will need service every 20,000 miles or every two years after that. Mercedes-Benz calls this Service A and it includes motor oil replacement and an oil filter change. Our technicians perform an MB service vehicle inspection to check fluid levels, tire inflation, and brake components. If the technicians notice a need, they will correct it.

After 20,000 miles, Mercedes-Benz recommends Service B, then every 20,000 miles or two years after the first check-up. Service B includes an oil and filter change along with the same fluid and tire checks. This service program also includes brake inspections with brake fluid changes, along with cabin filter replacement.

Maintenance Programs from Mercedes-Benz

Once you begin the Mercedes-Benz check-up and maintenance schedule, you’ll notice that you’re bringing your vehicle to the dealership for service every 10,000 miles, alternating between A and B services.

To protect your vehicle from wear and tear, you can pay for services in advance. When you buy Prepaid Maintenance, you pay today’s prices for tomorrow’s services. This program is accepted at all Mercedes-Benz dealerships around the United States and Puerto Rico.

We also offer service and parts specials to help our customers save money on routine maintenance. To learn more about the specials, we invite you to visit our website regularly.

At Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, our ASE-certified technicians do more than Service A and Service B. They replace batteries and tires. They also align tires. Our factory-trained technicians also do other important maintenance and repairs on all engine, drivetrain, and interior components.

Why Choose the Service Center at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento?

When you choose the service center at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, you get to work with your own service advisor who will guide you through your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs. They will also help you understand what services your vehicle needs next.

Our factory-trained and ASE-certified technicians use genuine Mercedes-Benz parts to guarantee a perfect fit to support your German-engineered vehicle. For your convenience, we offer financing for parts and services.

Most of all, when you choose the service center at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, you get peace of mind that you are getting the best care. Our experts understand the intricacies of your vehicle whether it’s an entry-level A-Class sedan, a GLC 300 SUV, or a luxurious S-Class Hybrid.

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Mercedes-Benz MBUX Tech Overview

Innovative Tech with Thoughtful Engineering

In 2018, Mercedes-Benz introduced the world to MBUX – the Mercedes-Benz User Experience. Since then, the automaker has continued to set the standard for innovative technology with thoughtful engineering in its luxury vehicles. As the 2022 model years are arriving on the showroom floor, it is easy to see that the MBUX system is changing expectations about instrument panels and infotainment systems.

MBUX Features with Intelligent Design

When engineers designed the MBUX system, they created a system that uses artificial intelligence to learn about the driver and passengers through individualization and adaptation. With Mercedes me connectivity, the systems continue to update with over-the-air messages. Drivers and passengers can access the MBUX system with steering wheel controls, center console dials, touchscreen applications, and the “Hey Mercedes” voice commands.

Each Mercedes-Benz comes with a digital gauge cluster for the driver and a high-tech infotainment touchscreen in the center of the dash. All screens have home screens, base screens, and menu options that bring users to the apps they need. Over time, the system learns about the users and applies the preferred screens when the driver starts the vehicle. All MBUX systems come with popular infotainment features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as access to Bluetooth®, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and other entertainment apps.

Introducing the MBUX Hyperscreen

As the Mercedes-Benz engineers continue to innovate, they create more impressive technology. The latest iteration of the MBUX system comes in the form of the Hyperscreen – a curved glass display screen that stretches across the entire dash of the top trim on the 2022 EQS sedans.

This high-tech instrument panel includes four distinctive tools: a gauge display for the driver, a center infotainment display, a passenger display, and a pair of air vents. The three displays seamlessly stretch across the high-tech Hyperscreen, with the air vents sit at opposite ends of the screen.

The Hyperscreen uses artificial intelligence to set the displays, comfort, and infotainment settings. It uses a “zero layer” so the driver and front passenger do not have to scroll or give voice commands to get to the preferred settings. The driver and front passenger can set the screen to show preferred apps and customize the display with 64 ambient lighting choices.

Intuitive Design for Mercedes-Benz Drivers

At Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we are continually impressed with the technology from the automaker’s engineers. With each new model year, the engineers offer new technology that takes Mercedes-Benz vehicles to the next level.

We invite you to visit our showroom to give the Mercedes-Benz MBUX tech features a try and see how the intuitive design enhances the experience of driving a Mercedes-Benz. We’re confident you’ll be as impressed as we are, especially with the Hyperscreen and the front seat tech features in the newest models from Mercedes-Benz.

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Is A Fully Electric, Plug-In Hybrid, Or Hybrid Car Right For You?

Choosing the Best Mercedes-Benz EV for Your Driving Needs

As fuel prices continue to increase, more drivers are turning to electric vehicles with lithium-ion battery packs. Mercedes-Benz is leading the way with a lineup of fully electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid vehicles. Understanding the pros and cons of driving these fuel-efficient and exciting vehicles will help you decide what type of electric Mercedes-Benz is best for your driving needs.

The team at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near Rancho Cordova can show you the exceptional electric and hybrid lineup of cars and SUVs from Mercedes-Benz.

Are You Ready for a Fully Electric Vehicle?

Driving a fully-electric vehicle isn’t for everyone. Full EVs never need gasoline, but they do need time to charge. They are excellent vehicles for commuters with less than 200 miles on their daily trips. The challenge with fully electric vehicles is longer trips, as drivers need to plan their routes with charging stations. Unless you have access to Level 3 DC Fast Charging Stations, you’ll need 8 to 10 hours of charging time for a full charge.

The Mercedes-Benz fully electric cars in the EQ lineup include the EQS sedan, EQS SUV, and the EQB SUV. These exciting vehicles have ample horsepower, plenty of space, and batteries with 200 to 350 miles of range.

Is a Plug-in Hybrid or Hybrid Vehicle a Better Choice?

Drivers who aren’t yet ready to stop using gasoline do well with plug-in hybrids and hybrid vehicles. Both types combine electric motors with combustion engines. Because they combine electric and combustion engines, they get better gas mileage than a typical internal-combustion-engine (ICE) vehicle. The ICE charges the battery that powers the electric motor, and the electric motor adds horsepower and improves the vehicle’s fuel rating. Mercedes-Benz hybrid cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hybrid Sedan are ideal for drivers who want better gas mileage and don’t want to worry about using charging stations.

Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid cars (PHEV) have a battery that needs an external charging system. If the battery is charged, the PHEV will use up the battery before turning to the internal-combustion engine. PHEVs tend to have more horsepower than ICE vehicles, and many rely on regenerative braking to provide some charging while on the road. This type of electric vehicle is best for drivers who have short daily commutes, under 20 miles roundtrip, as most PHEV models have fully-electric EPA-estimated ranges between 20 and 30 miles. PHEVs – like the Mercedes-Benz GLC 300e – are best for drivers who want the benefits of fully-electric driving for short ranges, and the ICE for long trips.

Order Your Fuel-Efficient Mercedes-Benz at the Dealership Near Sacramento

When you’re ready to invest in a Mercedes-Benz EV, PHEV, or hybrid vehicle, visit Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near Davis, California to place your order. Our sales team can help you choose the best model for your driving needs, and they can help you understand the nuances of charging at home and on the road.

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What Safety Items To Keep In Your Vehicle During Winter

Be Safe on the Road This Winter

Winter is coming around once again, and it’s time to prepare for the weather changes that winter months can bring. Although we don’t get snow and ice like northeast states like Maine, we still get our fair share of rain and cold weather.

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we believe that being prepared for winter can avoid unexpected breakdowns and keep you safe on the road. For those unexpected mishaps that are out of your control, being properly prepared can make inconveniences sting a little less.

Come with us as we share some of our highly suggested winter car care tips for your Mercedes Benz and find out some helpful items that we recommend keeping in your vehicle this winter.

Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

Here in Sacramento, CA, we don’t deal with extreme weather that involves snow, so we won’t recommend that you switch to snow tires. However, we still get our fair share of rain and low temperatures in the winter and it’s important to be prepared. Here are our top recommendations on what you should keep in your vehicle this winter:

Emergency Kit

It’s always good to be prepared for the unexpected. In the event that you’re ever left stranded on the side of the road, having an emergency survival kit can make things easier until help arrives.

Power Bank/Jump Starter

We recommend keeping a compact power bank in your vehicle that can jump start your vehicle in case your battery ever fails. Some of these booster boxes are extremely compact and can provide emergency power to charge your phone or jump start your car in emergencies. When not in use, a compact power bank can be stored in a discrete storage compartment.


Having a flashlight handy is not only great for safety reasons, but it can also help you flag down help in situations where visibility is low.

Make Sure Your Car is Maintained This Winter

We hope that you’ve found our winter car care essentials helpful, but now let’s briefly talk about your Mercedes-Benz winter maintenance!

Because winter can be harsh on your vehicle, even if you’re not battling snow, it’s still essential to keep your vehicle prepared for winter weather. Here are our top winter car care maintenance recommendations:

Washer Wipers

Windshield wipers (and windshield washer fluid) are essential to clearing your windshield of debris.


Healthy tires are essential to safe driving in rain, snow, and ice. Be sure that your tires are healthy and that you have adequate tire pressure in all your tires.


If it’s been more than three years since your last battery replacement, we recommend a battery replacement to ensure that your vehicle always has the power to start this winter.

Trust the Experts at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento

Ready to schedule service with the experts? Trust the experts at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento to keep your car on the road all year long!

We’re located in Sacramento, CA and proudly serve the surrounding areas of Lemon Hill, CA and Rosemont, CA and we welcome you to schedule service today!

Save big with our current service specials!

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Our Favorite Perks Of The Mercedes Me Connect App

Stay Connected with Your Vehicle with Mercedes me connect

Your Mercedes-Benz is a high tech luxury vehicle that integrates all of your adventures while escorting you in first class. The Mercedes me connect app helps further your experience with your Mercedes by offering a range of connected services that make your time with your vehicle more convenient.

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we feature a range of vehicles for you to choose from that are compatible with this phenomenal app, and we’re excited to share some of our favorite app features with you!

Come with us as we explore some of our favorite Mercedes me connect app features, and then find out why drivers in Sacramento, CA, Lemon Hill, CA, and Elk Grove, CA trust our dealership for all of their automotive needs.

Remote Services for All Your Needs

The Mercedes me connect app acts as an extension to your Mercedes and provides some outstanding remote services:

Remote Start

Remote start is not only a convenient way to prepare your vehicle for the journey, but its also a great way to prep the cabin. Thanks to the Mercedes me connect app, you can start your engine from your smartphone and set the temperature for the cabin. No matter what the weather is like outside, when you arrive at your vehicle, you’ll be able to step into a comfortable cabin and go about your day.

Lock and Unlock Your Doors

Don’t you hate the feeling of wondering whether or not you locked your doors? Thanks to the Mercedes me app, you can remotely lock and unlock your doors.

Locate Your Vehicle

Whether you’re looking for your vehicle in a parking lot, or you’re across the globe and want to check in on the location of your vehicle, you’ll be able to see its location.

Vehicle Information

Check your fluid levels, tire pressure, mileage, fuel levels and more – thanks to important vehicle data that’s updated every minute.

Send to Navigation

Get a head start on your journey by quickly and conveniently sending your destination straight to your navigation system. When you get in your vehicle, yoru route guidance will already be loaded and ready to go!

In-vehicle Services for Total Convenience

The Mercedes me connect app acts as your intuitive connection between your and your Mercedes, even after you’ve climbed aboard.

Download the Mercedes me connect app and you’ll be able to integrate some of your favorite streaming music services.

Starting with the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S Class, this invaluable app also allows you to pay tolls directly from the app!

Contact Us at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento Today!

At Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we’re here for all of your automotive needs. Whether you need guidance on how to connect the Mercedes me app to your car, or you’re interested in getting into a new vehicle, we welcome you into our Mercedes Benz dealer.

Browse our inventory and find out which Mercedes you’d like to bring home today! Don’t forget to check our current specials to see how much you can save!

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What Maintenance To Expect With An Electric Vehicle

How to Care For Your Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicle

The lineup of Mercedes-Benz fully-electric vehicles like the luxurious EQS and spacious EQB have higher sticker prices than the same-class models with internal combustion engines. That higher price comes with a handful of significant benefits – fewer maintenance costs, more incentives, and lower energy expenses. Drivers who own electric vehicles tout the fact that they no longer need to schedule oil changes, and the reduced amount of moving parts needs fewer repairs.

Electric Vehicle Maintenance Drivers Can Do

Thanks to the smaller electric motors and fewer propulsion components, electric vehicles have fewer maintenance needs. Drivers will find that they spend less time in the customer lounge at their local car dealership compared to their experiences with their gas-powered cars. While most electric vehicle maintenance needs should be completed by factory-trained and certified technicians, drivers can do a few things to keep their EVs in top condition.

Electric vehicles need regular car washes to remove debris, salt, and dirt – especially from the undercarriage. The large battery packs are protected from the outside, so car washes are perfectly safe for all electric vehicles.

Drivers should also pay attention to their vehicle’s propulsion technology and typical mileage ranges. If anything changes unexpectedly, you should bring your electric vehicle to the service center near Davis for an inspection.

Electric Car Maintenance at the Service Center Near Sacramento, CA

Electric Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs do not have transmissions, pistons, fuel pumps, or emissions systems, so you’ll never have to repair those expensive components. They do have heat pumps, brakes, drive shafts, and innovative computer systems. Your fully electric Mercedes-Benz maintenance schedule will include visits every 10,000 miles so our factory-trained and certified technicians can inspect the vital components.

During the 10,000-mile visit, our technicians will perform a tire rotation, check your windshield wiper blades, change the cabin air filter, inspect the charging system, and evaluate the lifespan of your brake fluid, pads, and rotors

They will also look closely at the regenerative braking system and tire wear and tear. While wheels are important components of all cars, the complex regenerative braking systems, and additional horsepower and torque puts added pressure on these vital components. Using one-pedal driving can reduce wear and tear on your brakes, but it’s still important to have our technicians check your tire treads and pressure regularly.

Service Your EV at the Mercedes-Benz Dealership near Riverview, CA

The Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento service center delivers the best EV service in Sacramento. Our factory-trained and certified technicians know the intricacies of the electric propulsion system and the other needs of your luxurious vehicle.

We offer convenient online service scheduling and service financing with affordable rates and terms. Our service advisors can help you track your electric vehicle maintenance schedule by tracking the visits in your vehicle history report.

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Let’s Explore The Mercedes-Benz GLA, GLB, And GLE SUV Lineup

Four Different Versions of Prestige Await in the Mercedes-Benz SUV Lineup

The Mercedes-Benz SUV lineup is versatile and impressive. No matter which model you choose, you’ll enjoy a wealth of performance, safety, and connectivity features while enjoying the prestige that comes from Mercedes.

Here at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we’re excited to introduce you to our hand-selected Mercedes-Benz lineup and help you decide which model you should take home. Come with us as we briefly explore four of our favorite SUV models and find out which Mercedes-Benz SUV is best for your lifestyle.

The Mercedes-Benz GLA

Serving as one of the smallest and most affordable Mercedes SUV models, the Mercedes-Benz GLA is a subcompact SUV with a big personality. Powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that generates 221 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque and driving power to the ground through the available 4MATIC® all wheel drive system, there’s nowhere you can’t go.

Offering more than 50 cubic feet of cargo space while still achieving an EPA estimated 34 MPG on the highway, the Mercedes-Benz GLA lets you do it all and starts at just $36,400.

The Mercedes-Benz GLB

The Mercedes-Benz GLB pushes back on the notion that you need a large SUV to seat seven passengers. Powered by the same engine as its GLA sibling, the GLB is peppy and fuel efficient while still offering up to 62 cubic feet of cargo space.

Climb aboard and you’ll not only find ample passenger accommodations, but you’ll also enjoy connectivity from the available 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Sweetening your experience, you’ll enjoy convenient touches like 64-color ambient lighting and 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot capabilities, your passengers will beg you to take the long way home.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC

The Mercedes-Benz GLC is a compact SUV that touts a larger than life personality while offering optimal versatility. Sprinting to 60 MPH in just 6.1 seconds, while offering all of the refinement and luxury that you can ask for, the GLC leaves little to be desired.

Wherever you travel, you’ll go with peace of mind thanks to the plethora of standard safety features. From the essentials like automatic emergency braking and lane keeping assist, to overachieving protections like standar Crosswind Assist, the GLC has it all!

The Mercedes-Benz GLE

The Mercedes-Benz GLE class is a staple midsize luxury SUV that sets the standard for its competitors. Offering your choice of powerful 4-cylinder, a turbocharged inline six, and a biturbo V8, power is robust, while technology and safety is as advanced as ever.

The available advanced 4MATIC® all wheel drive system can even transfer anywhere between zero and 100% of power between the rear and front wheels for maximum traction and handling.

Featuring a standard 12.3-inch MBUX infotainment system, the GLC offers a renowned experience that competitors simply can’t match. Using the advances of artificial intelligence, this cutting edge SUV features technology that can understand natural speech and even make suggestions and perform actions based on your commands.

Explore the Mercedes-Benz Lineup at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento

We hope you’ve enjoyed our brief introduction of our Mercedes-Benz lineup, but now it’s time for you to come in and explore your favorite model for yourself!

We feature a world class sales team who provides outstanding customer service, and a finance center that offers phenomenal lease and finance specials!

We’re located in Sacramento, CA and welcome shoppers in nearby cities like Elk Grove, CA and Lemon Hill, CA to come in for a test drive today!

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How To Prepare Your Mercedes-Benz For Winter

Your Resource for Winter Mercedes-Benz Maintenance

At Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we take pride in offering premium auto repairs for all makes and models at our Mercedes-Benz service center in Sacramento, CA. Our experienced certified technicians go above and beyond to offer premium customer service and thorough auto repairs while also outlining how to prepare your Mercedes-Benz for winter. Preparing your car for winter is easy when working with the team at our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Sacramento, CA.

Contact us today or schedule maintenance online to learn more about maintenance tips for Mercedes-Benz models that can help you sail into the cold season with ease and confidence.

The Importance of Routine Mercedes-Benz Maintenance

Mercedes-Benz maintenance is important, especially when the winter months are approaching. Primarily, cold temperatures and ice and snow can add more pressure to your tires and your vehicle as a whole. During maintenance, our certified technicians will inspect the tire pressure of your luxury vehicle and evaluate the conditions of your tires for safety. If necessary, the service team at our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Sacramento, CA, may recommend snow tires, winter tires or all-season tires to make driving safer for you and your family when traveling to areas with harsh temperatures.

In addition to checking your tire pressure, during maintenance, the team at our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Sacramento, CA, will perform a tire rotation, perform an oil change, check your fluids, including the windshield washer fluid. We also check the condition of your windshield wiper blades and car battery so that you are prepared for all driving conditions.

Gain More Maintenance Tips for Mercedes-Benz Models

When cold weather arrives in between routine maintenance visits, it’s important to know how to prepare your Mercedes-Benz for winter. The team at our service center in Sacramento, CA is happy to help with maintenance tips for Mercedes-Benz models.

  • Inspect All Lights: Your visibility is important especially when snow and ice arrive while traveling. That’s why we recommend checking the strength of your taillights and headlights and replacing bulbs when needed.
  • Inspect the Battery Charge: Don’t find yourself stranded with a dead battery during the winter. Although our team will check the condition of your charge during maintenance, it’s important to make sure you don’t have any corrosion around the terminals or that the battery is not more than three or five years old.
  • Top Off Vehicle Fluids: In addition to making sure your windshield washer fluid is full, also check the coolant levels when cold temperatures begin to arrive to make sure you do not run low.
  • Keep The Gas Tank Full: Preventing water from freezing in your gas tank when preparing your car for winter is not only important, but it helps to prevent major auto repairs. The best way to do this is to make sure you have at least a half tank at all times.
  • Create an Emergency Kit: While you hope that you won’t need it, preparing for the worst by packing essentials to leave in your car can come in handy. Create an emergency kit that includes blankets, bottled water, a flashlight, non-perishable snacks and a first-aid kit.

Schedule Service Before Winter Hits

Knowing how to prepare your Mercedes-Benz for winter includes scheduling Mercedes-Benz maintenance. Our experienced team members are eager to offer even more winter car care tips and help you save with our monthly service offers. Call us today or schedule service online to get started.

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Explore The 10 Best Day Trips From Sacramento, CA

Road Trip in Your Mercedes this Year!

Your Mercedes-Benz is designed to command the road while escorting you in first class, so why not stretch out its legs and take a day trip?! Here at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we want you to enjoy your vehicle no matter how many miles it has on it!

Allow us to share our 10 favorite destinations around Sacramento, CA for the best day road trips in the area!

Not yet a Mercedes-Benz driver? No problem! We feature a full inventory of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles for you to choose from!

Our Favorite Day Road Trips Near Sacramento

San Francisco

We start off our Best Day Road Trips list with the one and only: San Francisco. Located less than 90 miles from Sacramento, the City by the Bay is filled with exciting things to do. From biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, to eating clam chowder out of bread bowls at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco is filled with exciting things to do!

San Jose

Home to plenty of technology companies, San Jose is a great day road trip from Sacramento. If you’re into technology, we recommend a visit to the Tech Museum of Innovation. There are plenty of delicious restaurants to satisfy your appetite, and in the afternoon, we recommend the Winchester Mystery House.


Known for its incredible vineyards, Napa is filled with restaurants, vineyards, and incredible museums that make it hard to only spend a day here.

El Dorado National Forest

This one is for the nature-lovers! El Dorado National Forest is a great destination to reconnect with nature. Home to tranquil lakes, and fun hiking trails, this is a great daytime escape.

Tahoe National Forest

From picnics by the lake, to hiking trails up the mountain, Tahoe National Forest is home to a great nature escape. If you’re looking for particular hiking trails, we recommend the Grouse Ridge Trail and the Blue Lake Hiking Trail.

Yosemite National Park

Cemented as a national wonder, Yosemite National Park has countless hiking trails, waterfalls, and is even home to one of the world’s oldest sequoia trees.

Carmel by the Sea

Offering a perfect beachside escape, Carmel offers 17 miles of coastline to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in whale watching, enjoying fresh seafood, or simply relaxing by the water, Carmel is a phenomenal day road trip from Sacramento.


Known as the biggest little city in the world, Reno is home to an array of casinos, shopping, and museums for you to enjoy. With all that Reno has to offer, it may be hard to spend just the day here.


Neighboring Napa, Calistoga features outstanding wineries and an iconic Tuscan-inspired castle that offers outstanding wine tasting and mud baths. Calistoga is also home to the famous Old Faithful Geyser that still erupts to this day!

Get on the Road in a New Mercedes Today!

Not yet a Mercedes-Benz owner? Browse our inventory and find out which model you want to take home! Be sure to check some of our current specials and find out how much you can save when you choose Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento!

Already a Mercedes-Benz owner? We’ve got a fantastic Service Center to keep your vehicle in its best shape!

At Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we proudly serve the Rosemont, CA and Citrus Heights, CA areas and we welcome you to come in and discover the benefits of our dealership! For all things Mercedes, trust Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento!

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5 Tips For Quality Mercedes-Benz Oil Change Service

Time for an Oil Change? Here’s What to Know

Need a Mercedes-Benz oil change? You’re at the right place, as we’re here with certified experts to help get your prestigious German cruiser back on the road in peak shape. But are there little tips you should know about your auto service? Stick with us today, and we’ll cover virtually everything you’ll need to know about oil changes. Also, schedule an oil change for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle today at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near Elk Grove, CA.

1. How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

You’ll want to stay on top of your oil repairs—after all, if you skip your service too often, you risk damaging your motor since nothing is in place to help lubricate the finer parts of your powertrain, resulting in otherwise unneeded trips to the service center.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to schedule a Mercedes-Benz oil change every 10,000 miles, as this range helps supply your engine with the optimal fluids for proper cooling while assisting in preventing excess friction.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Oil Levels

Even between your oil changes, you’ll want to keep an eye on your car’s oil levels. In some models, you’ll use the classic dipstick method (pop the hood, wipe the dipstick, re-insert, pull out, and check) while newer models let you know with your instrument cluster. If your oil levels are low, you’ll need to top off your fluid levels to help your ride remain smooth—and if your levels drop often, your vehicle could be experiencing issues that require urgent attention at our service center.

3. Pick Synthetic Oil

When it’s time for an oil change, you get two options: synthetic and conventional. However, all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, from the A-Class to the GLS-Class and everything in between, require a synthetic blend. Unlike conventional blends, this fluid helps your engine better resist oxidation while also providing more cooling for your motor, which helps you cruise at an exhilarating pace more often with fewer worries of overheating on the road.

4. Oil Change Is Part of Mercedes-Benz A & B Service

When you schedule Mercedes-Benz A and Mercedes-Benz B Service, our certified and factory-trained technicians handle the oil change for you (on top of other key maintenance like tire inflations and brake checks). Also, our experts know the exact viscosity grade and style of oil your ride needs, helping you save valuable time.

5. Choose a Reliable Service Center in Sacramento, CA

Our biggest tip for Mercedes-Benz oil change service involves scheduling your maintenance at a credible dealership service center—and we have virtually all you need from factory-trained professionals to team members with expertise who always prioritize your needs. So, schedule your oil change and Mercedes-Benz car repair service at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near Rocklin, CA. While you’re here, you’re our VIP, so let us know how we can assist, from letting you know our recommendations on services to answering your questions—and that’s not even the beginning of how we step up for you.

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Meet The New Mercedes-Benz Hybrid Vehicles

Find Your Favorite Mercedes-Benz Models

It’s time to stop into Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, CA, near Stockton and Oakland, to find your favorite Mercedes-Benz vehicle. We’ve got a great selection of 2022 models, including the 2022 Mercedes Benz C Class Sedan with a portrait-style 11.9-inch multimedia touchscreen designed for driver-oriented clarity and easy use.

Maybe the Mercedes-Benz GLC compact luxury SUV full of comfort and convenience features is more your style. The roomy 40/20/40-split seat power-folds down to make room for more gear, and the power liftgate opens hands-free with easy loading.

Discover Mercedes-Benz Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Did you know that Mercedes-Benz made a hybrid vehicle way back in 1906? It’s true. The fledgling company manufactured the Mercedes Mixte hybrid car with a gasoline engine and a dynamo that generated electricity for two secondary rear-wheel motors. This visionary vehicle had a top speed of an impressive 75 miles an hour.

What else didn’t you know about Mercedes-Benz hybrids? There are currently three different luxury hybrids available—one sedan and two SUVs—that will help you lower your carbon footprint and save money at the gas pump by using electric power.

The Mercedes-Benz Plug-In Hybrid SUVs

The 2019 GLC 350e 4MATIC® Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid vehicle is one of two hybrid SUVs offered by the manufacturer. A plug-in hybrid (PHEV) has an electric motor powered by batteries, along with a gas-powered combustion engine.

A PHEV can run either on the electric motor alone or the gas-powered motor alone, but the electric motor must be charged by plugging into an electric power source at your home or at one of the many electric charging stations around the country.

There’s also the Mercedes-Benz GLE 550e 4MATIC® plug-in hybrid SUV. It’s still available Certified Pre-Owned or used, and gives drivers an exhilarating 436 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of instant torque along with an excellent towing capacity.

The Mercedes-Benz Hybrid Sedan

Mercedes-Benz also manufactures the hybrid C-Class Sedan, which is powered by a combustion engine and an electric motor that doesn’t need to be plugged in, but is charged through regenerative braking and the gasoline-powered engine.

Though a straight hybrid vehicle doesn’t run solely on the electric motor, the combination of the two engines offers drivers excellent fuel economy, lower emissions, and a smaller carbon footprint—all without sacrificing performance.

Test Drive a Mercedes-Benz Today

Whatever your driving style, luxury high-performance Mercedes-Benz hybrid models have what you want. Stop by Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento today during our convenient Monday through Saturday hours to find out more about current and future Mercedes-Benz hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Best Mercedes-Benz Summer Car Care Tips

Keeping Your Mercedes-Benz in Peak Condition When Temperatures Soar

Summer heat puts extreme pressure on vehicles, even the luxurious and high-tech Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs. The heat and humidity in the summer puts stress on the engine and other components. During the summer, it’s important to follow the maintenance schedule for Mercedes-Benz, and the technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near Rosemont know what it takes to keep your vehicle running at its peak all summer long.

Routine Oil Changes

Unless you drive a fully-electric vehicle, routine oil changes are a vital maintenance need. Your Mercedes-Benz needs clean oil to keep the engine properly lubricated. Neglecting your oil and oil filter changes puts excessive stress on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s engine, creating friction that can damage the engine. With recommended oil and filter changes, your Mercedes-Benz can maintain its gas mileage, saving you money in the long run.

Taking Care of Tires and Brakes

Your Mercedes-Benz has an impressive suite of safety and driver-assistive features, but the brakes and tires are still the most important safety features. Your Mercedes-Benz summer maintenance should include an inspection of your brakes, tires, and power steering components.

Our technicians will check your tire pressure, tread wear, and spare tire. They will also check your brake pads, rotors, and brake fluid. If you need new tires or additional brake work, our service advisors will help you arrange a future appointment.

Staying Cool In the Cabin and Under the Hood

When temperatures rise, you’ll want to use your air conditioning system to stay cool. Our certified technicians can inspect your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s air conditioning components and cooling system to be sure everything functions properly in the summer. They’ll check your coolant fluid and replace it if necessary. They can also change your cabin air filter, so you breathe clean air when the windows are up, and the fans are blowing.

Batteries and Blades

As your Mercedes-Benz approaches 50,000 miles, it’s a good idea to check the battery and terminals. No one wants to be stuck with a vehicle that won’t start when the temperatures rise. They can also check the wear and tear on your windshield wiper blades, and replace them to maintain your visibility when summer rains arrive.

Your safety matters to us, and our technicians can help you enjoy your road trips and long drives by ensuring that vital safety and powertrain components function properly.

Choose the Service Center at the Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Sacramento, California

The factory-trained and certified technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near Arden-Arcade are ready to help you with Mercedes-Benz summer car care tips. Our service advisors can assist you with your Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance Coverage using our convenient online scheduling tool. We invite you to browse our service specials to find money-saving offers on Mercedes-Benz maintenance, parts, and accessories.

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Mercedes-Benz Tire Service In Sacramento

Exceptional Vehicles Need Exceptional Tire Service in Sacramento

Mercedes-Benz drivers know quality when they see it, which is why they drive a Mercedes-Benz. When it’s time to service your vehicle, it’s only fitting to take it to the service center in Sacramento with the best technicians and equipment.

At Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, our factory-trained and ASE-certified technicians use the latest equipment designed especially for the high-tech lineup of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We offer exceptional service, including a full menu of tire repairs and replacement services.

Why Choose Mercedes-Benz Tire Service

Sacramento is a big city, and we understand that you can buy and service your tires anywhere. But, when you drive a Mercedes-Benz, the best place to take it for any maintenance and service is a dedicated Mercedes-Benz dealership. Our technicians know the technology and parts in your vehicle better than anyone else in town.

Whether you need a tire rotation, tire repair, or a new set, our experienced technicians do the job right the first time. Our service advisors can help you choose the perfect tires for your Mercedes-Benz, and we can install them on site. Our tire center carries a collection of popular brands like Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, Goodyear, and Dunlop. Many brands and models come with road-hazard coverage, Mercedes-Benz roadside assistance, and warranties.

When you need Mercedes-Benz flat tire service, alignments, or maintenance needs, use our online scheduling service, stop in, or give us a call. Our guest lounge has complimentary Wi-Fi, and we offer guest amenities like our complimentary courtesy vehicles and Lyft service.

Affordable Service at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento

At Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we proudly offer several service specials and discounts on Service A and B. We understand that taking care of any vehicle can be costly, so we also offer service and parts financing through Sunbit. You can apply online without needing a hard credit check and receive a lightning-fast response to pay for your vehicle services with affordable rates and terms.

When you choose dealership service at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, you can trust that our technicians only use genuine OEM parts made especially for your vehicle. Third-party service centers use generic parts built for a variety of makes and models. They can damage your vehicle and require costly repairs.

The Best Mercedes-Benz Service Center Near Arden-Arcade, CA

When you need new tires or tire repair service for your Mercedes-Benz, we invite you to choose the service center at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near Carmichael. Our factory-trained and certified technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to repair, install, and balance tires, especially for the exceptional lineup of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz owners around Sacramento trust our dealership and service center, and our Best of the Best Silver Laurel award from Mercedes-Benz is proof.

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What We Know So Far: 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC Crossover

The GLC Gets a Bold New Refresh

The Mercedes-Benz GLC offers the versatility of an SUV while blending your experience with the handling and characteristics of a sports sedan. For 2023, this stylish crossover receives a bold new redesign, and we at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento want to give you a brief introduction.

Come with us as we take a quick spin around the block in the new Mercedes-Benz GLC and discover what’s new for 2023.

Sophisticated Style

Outside, the 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC features a recognizable silhouette as its predecessor, but accentuates its style and sophistication for the new model year. A longer wheelbase and slight stretch in its overall length offers a slight increase in passenger volume and cargo space, while a new front fascia exudes modernity and athleticism.

Around back, you’ll find clean transitions and fluid-like lines that effortlessly exude class and circumstance. Its rear tail lights wrap around its fender and sweep up toward its rear windshield, while it offers a range of wheel options to match your personality and style.

Inside, you’ll find an array of hand crafted materials and textures that are akin to the sophistication found in Mercedes-Benz. The steering wheel has been fitted with touch sensitive controls, while all models ensure your total comfort thanks to heated, power adjustable front seats. Promising that it’s more than generous, a power sunroof, power liftgate, and even ambient lighting all come standard as well.

Expansive Tech

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC technology is robust thanks to the standard 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster and 11.9-inch infotainment system that uses the latest MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) technology. Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ pair perfectly with your smartphone while available augmented reality navigation ensures that you never miss a turn during route guidance.

Exhilarating Performance

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC performance is robust thanks to the standard 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine that blends exhilaration with outstanding fuel economy. The 2023 GLC puts out 258 horsepower and 295 pound feet of torque, and also employs a 48-volt mild hybrid system. The mild hybrid system outputs an additional 23 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque and aids the engine during cruising and acceleration. Mated to a nine speed automatic transmission, power is driven to the rear wheels and helps this SUV return an estimated 29 MPG on the highway.

Abundant Safety Features Come Standard

True to Mercedes-Benz DNA, the 2023 Mercedes Benz GLC crossover brings a wealth of standard safety features. Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and blind spot detection are just two of the many features that you’ll enjoy when you get behind the wheel of the 2023 GLC.

Explore the GLC Today at Mercedes Benz of Sacramento

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC Crossover is sure to shake up the market. Thanks to its sophisticated styling, breathtaking performance, and unmatched tech and safety, there simply isn’t a substitute for the 2023 GLC.

Make your way down to Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento today where you’ll experience this jaw dropping crossover first, and be sure to take advantage of attractive special offers!

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Mercedes-Benz Routine Maintenance At MB Of Sacramento

Routine Maintenance is the Key to Your Vehicle’s Longevity

No matter what brand of vehicle you drive, routine maintenance is vital to ensuring that your vehicle can operate and perform the way that you expect it to. Routine maintenance is not only vital to minimizing mechanical breakdown, but it also plays a key role in optimizing your vehicle’s performance and its fuel economy.

Let’s dive in and unpack the fundamentals of Mercedes-Benz maintenance and discover why drivers in Rancho Cordova, and Elk Grove, CA trust the experts at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, CA for all of their vehicle’s service and repair needs.

The Fundamentals of Mercedes-Benz Service

Mercedes-Benz maintenance schedules look a little different than the recommended service schedules from other manufacturers. If you look in the owner’s manual of a typical vehicle, you may notice a lengthy service roadmap that may be difficult to follow. However, Mercedes-Benz routine maintenance schedule has been simplified into “Service A” and “Service B” intervals. Here is what they look like:

Service A – Every 12 Months/12,000 Miles

  • Synthetic oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Tire pressure adjustment
  • Inspect all fluid levels
  • Brake inspection
  • Reset onboard maintenance indicator

Service B – Every 20,000 Miles/One Year After Service A

  • Synthetic oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Tire pressure adjustment
  • Check all fluids
  • Brake inspection
  • Brake fluid exchange
  • Cabin air filter replacement

Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Tips

While we’ve just laid out a basic example of what your Mercedes-Benz routine maintenance schedule would look like, it’s important to make sure that only qualified technicians, like the ones here at our Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are meticulously crafted machines, and they are designed to run on the highest quality parts and fluids. They also require technicians who are trained in the proper maintenance and repair protocols to ensure that they return years of trouble-free service.

Trusting your vehicle in the hands of an independent repair facility with technicians who may not know the requirements of your vehicle could lead to unnecessary problems, reduced performance, and decreased reliability.

Remember, when it comes to your Mercedes, trust the experts for total peace of mind.

Schedule Service with MB of Sacramento Today

If you’re looking for a qualified Mercedes-Benz maintenance near Sacramento, look no further than the experts here at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento. Not only do we feature a team of experienced technicians who have undergone extensive training and certification, but we use genuine Mercedes replacement parts and fluids to ensure that your vehicle, no matter how old, always performs its best.

We also feature outstanding service specials that allow you to take advantage of the best service, while enjoying attractive savings.

If you’re looking for “Mercedes-Benz service near me”, you’ve found the right place! Schedule service today!

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Where’s The Best Place For Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts?

Where Can I Find OEM Mercedes-Benz Parts in Sacramento, CA?

Looking for the best place to find Mercedes-Benz parts in Sacramento, CA? You’re at the right place, as we cover virtually all the OEM parts you’ll need for your repairs and customizations. Even better, all products are Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts to help bring boosted reliability and quality to your rides. Ready to get started? Order your Mercedes-Benz parts online at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near Elk Grove, CA.

What Are the Perks of OEM Mercedes-Benz Parts?

Wondering why OEM parts are so special? It all starts with each product being designed by Mercedes-Benz for your specific Mercedes-Benz vehicle—helping make sure each component fits just right and performs as intended. Also, you get the Mercedes-Benz name behind each product, reminding you that you’re choosing one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to reliability and quality—something that’s not always found with generic third-party brands.

For protection, most OEM parts come with a 24-month/unlimited-mileage warranty from the date of purchase for peace of mind in the rare instance anything goes wrong. But are you getting that same protection from third-party brands? In most cases, you won’t, which always makes buying a generic part a risk since you only have the word of anonymous reviews to trust.

What Types of Parts Can I Order for My Vehicle?

Nearly any type of car part or accessory that comes to mind is available with us. So, need a gasket for your A-Class or a water pump for your C-Class? We have what you need—just fill out our order form and let us know a few more details about your trim and model year to help ensure you get the exact right part. Want to customize your ride? We also offer accessories like body panels, floor mats, and much more to help you add a performance-boosting or stylish edge to your cruiser.

Looking to save on your order? Explore our Service Specials, where you’ll occasionally find deals on certain OEM parts, accessories, or even labor like installations. In some cases, these offers can even help you save hundreds of dollars at a time, so it’s always worth a look when you’re considering customizing your vehicle or making a repair. However, keep in mind these offers won’t last forever—so act fast when you see a deal that stands out to you.

Your OEM Parts Await: Start in Sacramento

Eager to hit the road in your vehicle with fresh components? Order your OEM parts online at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near El Dorado Hills, CA, today to help your ride restore to peak exhilaration. While you’re here, we’ll also always rank customer service first—so let us know how we can help, whether you have questions or need to find specific Mercedes-Benz parts near Elk Grove, CA—it’s only the beginning of what we can do for you.

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Where’s The Best Mercedes-Benz Service In Sacramento?

I Need Service in Sacramento, CA—Where Do I Start?

Looking for the best Mercedes-Benz service in Sacramento, CA? You’ve come to the right place, as we hire a crew of certified and factory-trained technicians to work on your prestigious German cruiser and make repairs as quickly and precisely as possible. Plus, our team is ready for nearly any automotive service that comes to mind, from basic maintenance to diagnostic checks and intensive repairs. Get started today by scheduling your service online with us at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento near Woodland, CA.

What Services Can I Schedule for My Ride?

If it’s an automotive service or repair, the odds are high that we offer it. When it’s time for your Mercedes-Benz Service A or B, our crew of professionals is ready for the job, from knowing the exact viscosity grade of oil your vehicle requires to understanding the red flags to look for in your brakes (and making needed fixes) to help you hit the road with premium safety. Keep in mind our team knows Mercedes-Benz vehicles inside and out, so we’re ready for your ride, whether you drive an ultra-luxurious C-Class or a track-geared AMG® GT 53 (or anything in between).

Even if you’re noticing your tires starting to bald, we’re always happy to replace your tires with a fresh set for your driving needs. Need a rotation or wheel alignment? Our team can help to assist you in maximizing your launches and efficiency while reducing your tread wear.

In a rush? Opt for Express Service for certain repairs. Within an hour or less, we’ll have you in and out of our service center. In fact, you don’t even need to schedule an appointment—just stop by, and we’ll get to work on your ride when we see an opening for the ultimate VIP experience.

Premium Service…with Savings

Ready to save on your next Mercedes-Benz service? Explore our service specials today to see the deals awaiting you. From Mercedes-Benz Service A and B to parts and accessories, you’ll find discounts for nearly any service that comes to mind. However, keep in mind these specials change over time, so make your move when you see a service you need, as you can save more than 10% on some maintenance and repairs, which quickly adds up in the long run.

Your Mercedes-Benz Service Awaits: Start in Sacramento

Ready to find the best Mercedes-Benz service center near Rocklin, CA ? Schedule your maintenance, repairs, and more at Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento to get started today. While you’re here, our team is dedicated to your needs, whether it’s helping get you set up with express service, letting you know what type of tire we recommend for your S-Class vehicle, or helping you order high-quality OEM parts—it’s only the beginning of what we can do for you.

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What’s The Difference? Hybrid Vs. Electric Cars

Let’s Dive into Electrified Models

Each year, more and more electrified vehicles take the road for the first time. However, with so many electric applications that range from hybrids and plug-in hybrid, to full on electric vehicles, it can be quite confusing to determine the difference. More importantly, it can be confusing to determine which vehicle you want to buy or lease next.

Let’s take a look at the difference between hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and everything in-between, and discover which one is right for you. Once you’ve determined which type of vehicle is right for you, come down to Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento and test drive your favorite model today.

The Inside Scoop on Hybrid and Plug in Hybrid Models

Hybrid cars use a combustion engine to drive you forward, but also employ the help of an electric motor to help fuel efficiency. These types of vehicles usually have a small battery that powers the electric motor and recharges itself through regenerative braking, so they don’t need to be plugged in.

Like hybrids, plug-in hybrids use a combination of gas and battery power, but employ a larger battery pack that needs to be plugged in to recharge. Plug-in hybrids are often favored by drivers because they can be recharged at home, and can drive a limited number of miles (usually 15 to 30 miles) on pure electric power without needing the help of the combustion engine. The result is an electric vehicle experience without range anxiety.

Let’s Talk About Full Electric Vehicles

Full electric vehicles (EVs) have no internal combustion engine and are run entirely on battery power. More and more drivers are switching to EVs because of their reduced energy costs, and low maintenance needs. Electric vehicles also cut down the global demand for fossil fuels, and feature zero tailpipe emissions, so they’re environmentally friendly.

Today’s EVs offer a driving range similar to that of gasoline vehicles, and the installation of charging stations across America have made electric driving an easy choice for many drivers. Because the life of batteries run longer than the life of a combustion engine, plus the fact that EVs offer a lower cost of ownership, and aren’t affected by unstable gas prices, electric vehicles have become a favorite amongst drivers across America.

Hybrid vs Electric Cars Pros and Cons

Pros of Hybrid and Plug in-Hybrid Cars

The pros of hybrid vehicles is that you’ll never have range anxiety. Hybrid vehicles feature a combustion engine that offers improved fuel economy, and offer longer trips between fill ups.

Cons of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid vehicles are more complex and can sometimes require more maintenance than traditional combustion or electric vehicles.

Pros of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have many fewer moving components than those with internal combustion engines. In turn, this makes them more reliable than their gasoline counterparts, and they require less maintenance. Because charging as home costs cents per kilowatt as opposed to dollars per gallon, electric vehicles are cheaper to run than gasoline vehicles. Electric vehicles also include federal tax credits that make the switch a bit easier.

Cons of Electric Vehicles

Because charging station infrastructure is still fairly new across America, road trips often require more planning than that of gasoline vehicles. Electric vehicles are considerably more expensive than other types of vehicles, however, their included federal tax credit helps offset this cost.

Explore Electrified Mercedes-Benz Models Today!

At Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento, we feature outstanding electrified models like the all-new Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Featuring a wealth of electrified models, first class customer service, there’s no better place than MB of Sacramento, CA to come for your next vehicle.

Proudly serving the surrounding areas like Rancho Cordova, and Lemon Hill, we’re your local source for all things Mercedes.

Stop by and get on the road in your new electrified Mercedes today!

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